Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Such turmoil. Such agony. Such stress!! Yes, Chad is pretty wrought with emotion over what to do with his beloved Mustang. This is tough stuff.

NEW VOTING POLL QUESTION: Because of the challenge of trying to fit a car seat in the back of this thing, Chad would like help in deciding what vehicle he should consider replacing it with. (Oh the pain of the thought.) The choices are: (notice 'minivan' is not an option)

1. Ford Escape Hybrid

2. Toyota Prius

3. Nissan Altima

4. Nissan Murano

5. Jeep Wrangler 4-door

6. Used Saab from Craig's List (2003 or older)
7. Subaru Outback or variation

Click on comments at the end of this post. Enter your vote. Sign your name. Type in the letters you see for verification. Click on 'anonymous'. EASY!


Ok. On to other tidbits.

Finally. We heard from Jessica on Monday. She says that despite delays in the courts right now, they will continue to gather everything needed for our file and submit for our court date. That's what we need to get this ball rolling, a court date. She is great! She says - keep moving forward! Onward! So, please keep praying that delays can be resolved swiftly, for patience for us and all the waiting families, and that we may find peace in the waiting.

There's much to do!

smj out


Anonymous said...

My vote is for the Ford Escape Hybrid. You can fit a 2nd car seat in should such an occasion arise. And it will hold all baby 'stuffs' for traveling.

I know this because we are adopting. This will be our 4th child. We just put a 3rd row seat into our Explorer. It's going to be tight quarters but we can't justify a new vehicle at this point. So my advice, plan ahead for #2 and/or #3.


Nikko and Matt said...

I vote for the Prius. We have the Prius and the Escape hybrid but the Prius is way cooler unless you need a 4 x 4 for some reason. Should be no problem with the child seat as the car is suprisingly roomy. And I consistently get 45 mpg+ even though we live in a hilly area. I love mine.

graceling said...

The Murano is nice, but with gas prices the way they are... ouch!

So, like Jan said, plan for #2 and #3- and go with the Escape Hybrid. With kids, you can never have too much room.

msl said...

Hi Susan,
I've been following your blog for a couple months now so I thought I'd introduce myself. We also have a referral through Gladney for a little girl! We received our referral the day before yours so we are in the same boat - anxiously waiting for a court date and for all things to be resolved quickly!

I vote for the Ford Escape Hybrid. The Prius is great but the baby stuff can really add up on outings and you may need the extra space just to lug stuff. That's my two cents!

shelly said...

altima....2.5 the 4 cyl but it is pretty fast.. with the CVT transmission....it still manages to be pretty decent on gas and with the way it picks up speed you might not miss your mustang quite as much.....it still manages to be sporty (kind of like your mustang)...I test drove one of these before deciding on the Honda accord......my next choice is the Ford Escape Hybrid...although they say the replacement batteries are expensive

J & A said...

You know my feelings...the Hybrid all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Ford Escape is sweet ride, you can get stuff in there and you will need stuff for the baby.

Bart "Minivan" Ruestig said...

Do not...I repeat DO NOT sell the Mustang!!! One child car seat will still fit in the back seat. Plus your seats are leather for easy cleaning. Don't just roll over. Fight for the right to stay with the Stang, your not old...are you? You can get in and out of that back seat!!! Chad....dont' close this door.

Gregory said...

With a new child, it's not about the gas milage or style it's about saftey.

That is why I'm recomending the Hummer.

Good saftey rating, keeps the family well protected, lots of power.
Bart "Mini-van" and myself have learned from our mistakes. Bigger is better, which sure doesn't apply to the Smart Car, which could be another option.

Carol Watson said...

I am speaking from a different vantage point....Grandma of 6. I am considering the same choices with my new vehicle. None will be as safe as the Explorer hybrid. I simply won't buy the Prius or even the Altima which has a good safety rating as you get the extra room to boot. None of my grandkids will ride with me in anything but the Hybrid Explorer--my new car "to-be" also.

Carol Watson AH

PS--they don't ride with me that often either and only 2 at a time at most.

Scott said...

Hmmm... maybe I should get rid of my family truck so we can keep the 'stang in the family! I'm sure Stacy will go for that... don't you???

You've been talking Murano for awhile, but you're obviously thinking green. So my guess is that you'll end up with the Escape.

Not that that would be my vote... I'd still go with the Murano! ;-)


Packer Fan said...

Mini-van is the new and cool way to travel. A mini-van is the $4/gallon gas Mustang. If you don't want to call it a min-van, call it an "urban assault vehicle". That is how we refer to our Subaru.

Jeanette said...

My vote is for the Prius. Best gase mileage available, easy access to back seat for car seat, plnty of room in 'trunk' for baby gear.

Jan S. said...


I say get a hot rod convertible. We had a GTO convertible when the kids were babies, and it worked GREAT! When the weather was warm the kids enjoyed the fresh outdoors, and when the weather turned bad, we put the top up and they still fit ok in the car!

Jan S.

Anonymous said...

We personally find the hybrids to be better with how gas prices are at this time, but there are cars out there with excellent gas mileage even without being hybrids.
Though it's not on the list, we find the Nissan Maxima to be one of the best options--just one step above the Altima. Plenty of room, and excellent ratings for them both. The Altima is very similar though, so you couldn't go wrong with either choice, and they are both extremely reliable and safe from what we've heard.
To counter and give advice as what not to get, we'd say that you can't go with the Jeep Explorer. They aren't always reliable, and we actually had a Jeep at one point, but the engine troubles that we ended up having weren't worth it.

But if you need any other help deciding, we'd be more than happy to print out full reviews and ratings on each car that you've suggested from Consumer Reports, if you haven't already looked at those. We look at it all the time when buying major items, and it's never led us astray.

--Rachelle and Cassie

Anonymous said...

I just put FOR SALE signs in my 1970 Karman Ghia convertible. You can buy it now and save it for KOKO later.

Anonymous said...

OK Chad,
Your Dad's instinct tells him to say . . . "Don't sell the Mustang!!!" However, if he had to choose his first choice would be the Nissan Murano, for the sporty look ofcoarse, not thinking economically ~ the manly decision!! But when push comes to shove his realistic side says to get the Ford Escape Hybrid. Good on gas and not a bad look.

Now, if Susan still has the Pathfinder there is your four door car. The one that you can take grocery shopping, mountain climbing, camping, . . . . The new fangled car seats have the pull out carriers. The base stays in the car and you just put the carrier with KoKo in and out. So put a ten pound bag of flour in a car seat, practice putting in and out of the back seat of the Mustang, and you decide . . . . something you want to do or not.

If you MUST sell the Mustang : < (
at least you could stick with Ford and go w/ the Escape!!!

Happy Deciding!!!
Love, Dad and Missi

Christine said...

I vote for the Ford Excape. It sits up higher so you can save your back some. Is there really no keeping of the mustang?

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