Saturday, June 28, 2008


Sometimes we rock in the rocking chair in Koko's room. One without the other, in silence, in solitude, in thought, in prayer...

When will we meet her? This summer, this winter? Hmmmm, only time will tell.

Koko rocks. She just doesn't know it yet!

My boss (of all people) was most "real" this week when we were in conversation and she said, "it will happen, Susan". Awfully simple words, but strangely comforting at the same time. We know this, and we trust it.

A beloved "family" member said in a letter to us this past week (you know who you are!) while wishing us an "overabundance of peace and holy patience", that "One day Koko will be told the story of how you did whatever it took, and that there was no mountain high enough, no river wide enough, and no valley deep enough to keep you from finally getting to her."
It is these powerful words of encouragement that we carry with us through the days.
How can we help you all to know how much we love you!


Great news!!! A "back up" car seat from M&J (thanks guys!) actually fits in the back of the know what that means! The Mustang will remain in the family for now. The Pathfinder will be our main mode of transport and so it goes....problem solved...(for now)!

THANK YOU for your well thought-out voting on the alternatives. (The Hummer was a poignant option.)


Hey - prayers for Chad - he's feeling under the weather. For a guy who is seriously on-the-go at all times, feeling bad is a serious problem!

Prayers for the relinquishment hearing on Monday, for baby's birthmother, and for more news of forward movement.

Love to you all,


J, A & T said...

Hope you get some good news soon....thinking of you guys often!!!! How is Chad feeling?

B said...

Faith makes things possible, not easy. ~Author Unknown

And no one has greater faith than the two of you. That tiny child waits patiently for the world to work itself out...and to work her way into your arms. We pray for strength and courage and faith for you all....and wait with open arms to greet her. We love you...Dad and Billie

Lolgirl12345! said...

Thinking of you both today, Chad and Susan. Our neighbors have 2 adopted children, and awaiting their third from Ethiopia as well. I just looked at all the pictures on their home blog at the beach, playing the sand, popsicle faces, sweaty hair at the baseball game, sparklers at the 4th July. I thought about how those things area all so close. The future is so bright for you, your daughter and all the wonderful memories yet to come, to surround you with laughter, joy, incredible re-defining love -- and the contentment when your daughter is with you. Think a little more ahead, all those things will soon be yours as well! Always remember how much you are loved. Larry, Julie, Olivia & Allison Ash

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