Sunday, August 31, 2008


In honor of this most wonderful time of year (Go Huskers), we proudly share with you all the latest update on our bundle of beautifulness.

“She is so pretty! Sometimes, I feel rude when I am holding her because I just sit and stare! I started watching my manners after I saw the beating she gave her toy football! She hit and kicked this football until I thought the stuffing would come out! Then she would bite it and yell at it and when it was all over; she was laughing! Come to think of it, she was wearing a smile the entire time! It was an intimidating show of aggression! No more stares! She can roll over (one way) and 'razz' (make a wet razzing sound).” --Travis

Weight- 14.11 pounds
Her fast breathing has subsided and the Conjunctivitis has cleared.
She continues with cream for her Atopic Eczema.

It's hard to believe that in a few short days she will be 6 months old. The pictures we have recently received are evidence of her growing so fast...our future daughter is truly a sweet little girl.


But....ok....for now, we watch football! Bring it on!


Sunday, August 17, 2008

SNAPPING... ***Edited***

...Out of it.

Ok, so....we're snapping out of it. Hope springs eternal and it occurred to me that perhaps a shiny new post on the blog may be a good idea.

Hey, we have A LOT to be thankful for. We just celebrated ten (10!!!) years of marriage. Wha? For real? No way. 10 years? What an amazing 10 years. Here's to amazing things in the next 10!

We have a ton of "family" loving on us and praying and being wonderful.

We have a court date and some seriously wonderful travelling families offering to take seriously precious time from their travel itineraries to get some photos (and maybe video!) of our little Koko. Wow. Really, wow.

Michael Phelps and Nastia Liukin are excellent diversions from adoption uncertainty.

And...a little family we know got some great news! Click here!

So, it's not all gloomy, even though I don't think we will ever be fond of the kind of rain that creates it's own entire season.

Someday we will be with Koko...

...someday when it's time.

For now, we will simply share Koko's tiny hands and feet with you, brought to us all by the Kennedy's. (THANK YOU KENNEDY'S!)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Jessica just called.

Birthmother did not appear in court today, and will not be able to appear tomorrow either.

New plan. Court date October 15.

It feels as though time is now standing still.

No other words to express our feelings right now.

We ache for our baby girl.

smj out

Monday, August 4, 2008


Jessica called today to tell us that Belay in country was told baby's birthmother must now appear in court - even though she already officially relinquished and she wasn't supposed to have to be there again. The document stating the relinquishment does not read correctly and she will have to relinquish again in court. Making this happen Tuesday or Wednesday (before the 2 month court closure) may prove to be a difficult task, given the fact that birthmother does not live in Addis, but is currently somewhere outside of the city. Belay has not yet spoken with her but rather to the orphanage director where birthmother took Koko. He will attempt to find her in an effort to get her into court before the closure. It is unknown if there will be time to make this happen, but Jessica assures us they will do everything they can to find her. She said she will contact us tomorrow to let us know where things stand.

We are worrying, praying, hearts hurting.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Although 26 months was the early leader, 22 pulled ahead - YES! An elephant gestates a crazy long 22 months before FINALLY being born!

Hey! We received a new photo and update from Jessica and Joanna today. Even though we can't show the photo here, trust me when I say, it's the best one yet! She has a beautiful smile! What is apparent is that she is changing, growing fast.

Enjoy the update:

“She is laughing! And a lot of other things, too! Up to the end of the 4th month on her developmental chart she lacks only these things: roll over (one way), say ah-goo or other vowel-consonant combo, razz (make a wet razzing sound), sit without support and object if you take a toy away! She strained to do more; arms and legs moving every which way! The desire is definitely there! She is also developing a little attitude! She does not know what she wants but is not afraid to ask anyway! ‘Play with me!’ ’Hold me!’ ‘Do something, don’t just stand there!’ With cheeks like hers, I will keep trying!” --Joanna
Weight- 12.57 pounds
She is being treated for Atopic Eczema with cream.

Court date in T-minus 4 days and counting - August 5.
Fingers crossed, hoping, praying.


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