Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The good news is that we recently got another update on our little poptart!

“She is as bright eyed as ever. Not only does she love playing with the toys in her bed, but also can be seen trying to wear her purse on her feet! Ever fashion conscious, she is precious, and very expressive to those around her. She can almost sit on her own now, but just hasn't quite gotten the whole balance thing down yet. She doesn't seem to mind too much though, for she loves being pulled up and gently rolling back onto her pillows!” –Travis
Weight = 15.4 pounds

The "potential" bad news is this: (One hopes a phone call from super caseworker Jessica at this point in the process would be a joyful one, but no.) Jessica tells us that there is a chance that there could be delays on the big day, October 15. If things don't go as we hope in court, then we are unclear how long the process may be delayed. We are definitely praying hard now...

In peace and prayer,
smj & cdj

Thursday, September 18, 2008


*** KOKO UPDATE! ***

"This girl is ready to move! She is flopping and grunting and with good speed, too! The desire to sit still and look pretty has passed! She is obviously still gorgeous, head to toe; and I mean toe! I almost sent a picture of her toes; they are perfect! She can almost sit without support." -- Travis

Weight - 14.52 lbs.

She is still being treated for Atopic Eczema and is also being treated for an upper respiratory infection.

So then, we are now counting down a second time. We are just under 4 weeks to court date re-play, October 15. The good news is that there is lots of life going on! We are blessed with work and meetings, and Sunday School, and so many other events happening during this busy 'almost fall' time of year. You all know how it goes...! Life is ON THE MOVE!

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