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Friday, October 9, 2009


We went for a fall drive in the mountains a few days ago. It’s, of course, that time of year – the aspen are changing and its gorgeous – can’t miss it.



Koko was underwhelmed apparently.

Guido jumped from the front seat onto Koko’s lap in her car seat on the way home….funny….He was trying to get comfy and Koko was trying to push him off her lap. Too cute.

So then, Some questions we have received:

- Did you break down in emotional crying when you met Koko for the first time? Not really, we were pretty much running after her trying to keep up with her energy from the first moment we met her. Go, go, go – no time to cry!

- How was the plane ride home? Pretty much a period in time I would rather not repeat. Koko slept for maybe 4 hours of the 16 hour flight from Dubai to LA, and needed to be eating, moving, or screaming the rest of the time! SOOO glad to be home.

- Is she wearing the 18-24 month clothes you got? No. When we got home I dug out the 12 month clothes I had removed from the closet and they fit her like a glove. She’s on the small side for an 18 month old, but still growing normally.

- Has she been to the doctor yet? Oh yes. We went to the doctor last week – the doc says she’s smart, a lot of fun (totally!), and despite being behind slightly on some of her developmental milestones, he says she will have absolutely no problem catching up, and quickly, too. He says she’s very healthy. He was awesome – I’m so glad he is Koko’s doctor – he was great with us, too, giving us tons of great info and asking if we had any questions, etc. Very kind, gentle, and loving as he was examining Koko. She had shots as well, screamed her head off by the 4th one, but recovered quickly. She was pretty much a champ!

- Did you have a great time in Ethiopia? Ummmmm….yes. But glad to be home. It was hard to get into any sort of routine with Koko while there, and with her energy it is totally necessary to find a comfort zone. Ethiopia was much as we expected, with the poverty, conditions of the orphanages, older children’s homes, culture. We met some super great families also there to bring their kiddos home, we had a full group to enjoy the group events with, and to bond with over the experience. It was beautiful and emotionally exhausting all at the same time – hard to describe.

- Is Koko eating well? Pretty much – she’ll eat almost anything.

- Is Koko sleeping well? Sleeping through the night no problem! Sweet! However, naptime sleeping doesn’t happen in the crib. The first few days home when we went to lay her down for her nap (she was visibly tired), she would stand back up in her crib and scream. Not cry – scream and yell - forever! For now we are just sitting her down on a blanket in the living room with some toys and most days she’ll fall asleep for an hour or so after lunch that way. We’re still figuring it out!

- Is she attaching to you? Koko is a social butterfly - it is just simply her personality – loves saying hi and blowing kisses to anyone, will even run and hug a new person’s leg. But, she does seem to be comfortable with Mama and Dada, regularly gives us hugs and kisses and runs to us when in a playful mood, wants to stay close initially when around groups of people, etc.

- How is Guido doing with Koko? He seems to see Koko as a toy or exciting new friend, not sure which – he is relentless in licking her in the morning, just as he is with Chad. He does seem to get jealous when Chad or I are holding Koko and will run over and bark or whine at our feet for attention. He’s been very gentle and hasn’t gone hiding like we thought he might. He has to be in the middle of the action most times.

- How is Koko doing with Guido? Koko seems to be putting up with Guido – doesn’t despise him or scream at him, etc., but also doesn’t go running to him to give him hugs and kisses. She’ll push him away or try to hit him (we’re working on the no hitting and no biting issues) when she’s not in the mood for him to be around. They both often fight over each other’s toys, although short lived.

- How does Koko like being in a car seat? She’s got no problem hanging out in the car seat surprisingly. After a while she gets restless like any kiddo would, but gets right in when we’re ready to go.

- How does she do in church? Haven’t been there yet – first weekend back in church is this weekend. Can you say “nursery”?

- What was the care center like where Koko lived? A lot of toddlers roaming around a room with many cribs, with several caregivers near by tending to what they needed. We are told the kiddos were on quite a schedule, eating, sleeping, eating, sleeping, etc…didn’t see any toys around, but it was clean and the caregivers seemed to really care about the kids, providing for any need that came up as immediately as they could.

- Are you all settling into a routine? Hmmmmm….pretty much. We both get back to work full time soon so it will be interesting to see how daycare shakes up the routine we’ve gotten into. All being home together for these few weeks has been a HUMONGOUS blessing. Spending the time as a new family has been invaluable. We learn more about Koko every day, and she seems more and more comfortable with us and in our home every day, more affectionate as the days go on. Her little personality is bright and energetic! Doesn’t like to hear “no”, explores everything she can, touching, watching, listening, mimicking, LOVES bathtime, etc. She is so precious, so adorable, so beautiful – we love her soooo much.

Okey Dokey - Super duper photos coming soon of our arrival at DIA and first morning at home with Koko, and of our recent long weekend in South Dakota visiting family. Stay tuned for more on our changing seasons….

Love to all,
Smj out.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Hola fellow Husker football fans! GO BIG RED!!!

"Go Huskers!"

"OK, gotta run!"

" can I get through here?"

"I guess I'll sit for 30 seconds and play with my toys."

"Ha! I'll get you Guido!"


Another exciting college game day at the Johnson house!

smj out.

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