Wednesday, January 14, 2009


As expected, was a no go on today's court date.

Our file has been closed until all new paperwork is obtained. No new court date is being assigned until then. And the request for a new court date may not be made for a month or so yet. And once the request is made we shouldn't expect that new court date for 10+ weeks. give it to you straight - best case scenario is a May-ish court date.

I prefer not to do so much math.
This pretty much hurts.
It pretty much breaks our hearts.
Folks, she's sprouting - growing like a weed.
Enjoy an update - for sure we will cling to every joyful word we receive about Koko over the next few months:

“She is looking good. When I came to visit she was out sunbathing with her roommates. As you can see from the photo, she is now sitting on her own. She is doing great, and seems to be doing something new with each week that goes by… such a quick learner. The caregivers say that she is eating well, and growing fast!”--Ryan
Weight: 7.8kg

Love to you all,

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