Saturday, February 28, 2009


Isn't it true....When you're done changing, you're done...

I originally found this quote while searching for something inspiring to share with families and staff at my new building, as there are quite a few things that I will gently need to "change" as we journey from good to great as a small task when things there have been pretty much status quo and maybe even a bit stagnant for the last 8 years.

But it also speaks to our journey to Koko. We've changed and learned a lot over the last few months, in fairly miniscule ways to a deeper changing of the heart and mind as we continue to grow in character. It continues to be hard, to wait, to stay positive to expect good news, to continue to be disappointed by yet another delay or road block in the process. We can't make sense of it, it's not possible to make sense of it because there is often no rhyme or reason to the process, we've learned.

So, for now, enough of trying to be all philosophical. Bottom line - we wait. It's what we do.

But hey - I found a little tiny Mickey Mouse in my box of Frosted Mini Wheats this morning and since I don't have a human child to give it to, of course I gave it to my furry-dog-child to play with. Guido's been rather attached to it all day. Also, he went with me to work today and apparently when I was working, some of the residents decided to feed him ham for lunch, or so it looked that way when he threw it up this afternoon on the couch. No offense sweet little elderly residents of the nursig home, but - NO PEOPLE FOOD FOR OUR DOGGIE! This is strictly not allowed. Chad said he's going to head over to the nursing home and take somebody out! (Right.) He's a protective furry-dog-child daddy. It's pretty sweet. I'm sure this is nothing compared to how huge his heart will swell for Koko when she's home! So, we dream, we keep counting the days/weeks, and we hope for a little good news when we least expect it.

Good night family,

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Here's some dreamy Guido-ness for you this Valentine's Day. He's 6 months old now. Love to all!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009


As I sit here fairly exhausted from finishing up with our annual state health department inspection today (they came in Monday, my first official day in my new facility here in Littleton, with a brand new management company, and tons of the new people in to help with the transition...), I find myself overwhelmed with lots of different feelings. Probably partly because I'm tired from 4 Looooong days at work, but I think mostly from the whole overwhelming enchilada of life. Sometimes it's like that, right? Lots of things happening all at the same time. I just have to sit back and let my mind take it all in...

a) There are BIG changes at work, with a new boat load of challenging but exciting's got my mind so full...
b) A dreamy little doggie that doesn't seem to be getting a lot bigger (teeny and cute!) but who is now doing this new snorting, wheezing, sneezing, sniffling thing that seems concerning...(yes, we even worry about our "boy"!)
c) Knowing that our Immigration Approval is about to expire and that we have to start from scratch with a whole new homestudy agency since our old one went out of business - more paperwork, more check writing - Sooooo frustrating...
d) Keeping our expectations at bay with the knowledge that this adoption timeline just is unpredictable - we prepare ourselves for weeks more of waiting...

Oh the 'rush' of it all.

Jessica gave us a bit of news that basically says the process is moving, but that we are still on that same 'several weeks more' timeline. Someday it will happen, someday Koko will be in our arms...

someday when it's time.

May everyone have peace where ever life has you...
much love,

I think I'll have a cold drink and let my doggie provide some much needed 'therapy' now!

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