Saturday, June 28, 2008


Sometimes we rock in the rocking chair in Koko's room. One without the other, in silence, in solitude, in thought, in prayer...

When will we meet her? This summer, this winter? Hmmmm, only time will tell.

Koko rocks. She just doesn't know it yet!

My boss (of all people) was most "real" this week when we were in conversation and she said, "it will happen, Susan". Awfully simple words, but strangely comforting at the same time. We know this, and we trust it.

A beloved "family" member said in a letter to us this past week (you know who you are!) while wishing us an "overabundance of peace and holy patience", that "One day Koko will be told the story of how you did whatever it took, and that there was no mountain high enough, no river wide enough, and no valley deep enough to keep you from finally getting to her."
It is these powerful words of encouragement that we carry with us through the days.
How can we help you all to know how much we love you!


Great news!!! A "back up" car seat from M&J (thanks guys!) actually fits in the back of the know what that means! The Mustang will remain in the family for now. The Pathfinder will be our main mode of transport and so it goes....problem solved...(for now)!

THANK YOU for your well thought-out voting on the alternatives. (The Hummer was a poignant option.)


Hey - prayers for Chad - he's feeling under the weather. For a guy who is seriously on-the-go at all times, feeling bad is a serious problem!

Prayers for the relinquishment hearing on Monday, for baby's birthmother, and for more news of forward movement.

Love to you all,

Friday, June 20, 2008


It's something...

We heard that baby's birthmother is scheduled for a relinquishment meeting in her hometown (not Addis) on June 30. If this occurs as scheduled, this means she will not need to be present at our scheduled court date - whenever that may be.

Jessica says Belay (in-country rep) is waiting on one more document for the files before he can submit them for a court date. It is unknown how much longer it may take to get ahold of this document (needed from an official office in the birth mother's hometown).

It's news. It's something.

We love you. ***REMEMBER: One of these days we will have something really BIG and GREAT to share with you. We don't know when...but please stay with us.

Keep dreaming of beautiful things to come....

smj out.

Friday, June 13, 2008


“Cute! Cute! Cute! And her personality is a perfect match! She is constantly smiling and warming up her vocal chords with “Eeey, Eeey” sounds! And in between all the talking is laughing! She is very playful and outgoing and overall, an extremely happy baby! She has started making a small fist with her pointer fingers sticking out! I imagine she is pointing to me, to tell the world who her favorite person is! Did I mention cute?” –Joanna J

Weight- 11.02 pounds

We got this update from Joanna in country today, and a new picture, too. Oh, thank you Joanna!

Thank you "family", all of you, our big wonderful family from Nebraska, South Dakota, Colorado, Washington and everywhere in between! I'm so sorry that each time you all lovingly ask "any news?", that I don't have anything for's tough. I heard someone say last week that they have already started to form a bond with their little one from ET, only just through the pictures they have. It's true. An interesting phenomenon, but true. The bond is already being formed, it's hard to describe to people.

So, soon...hopefully soon, we will have news about a court date...

Thank you for your love, support, and question asking! Keep it up. One of these days we will have something BIG to say...
"You are our sunshine, our only sunshine, you make us happy when skies are gray. You never know dear, how much we love you, so please don't take our sunshine away!"

Keeping the hope and faith,


Sunday, June 8, 2008


So this weekend, dad and Billie were in town and we had a ball hitting the garage sale circuit. Smokin' good deals.

We got this perfectly cheap rocking chair that fits perfectly in our nursery:

And this oh so cute bathing suit and cover up:

And this funky giraffe wine bottle holder for a buck: (I know, not a necessity, but we like it!)

And this totally cute fluffy bunny for a quarter: (I washed it, don't worry. I can't resist most fluffy adorable stuffed animals.)

And although not a garage sale purchase, we found the right diaper bag that Chad or I can haul around, without frills or pink, etc.!

It felt good to get some great deals while preparing for Koko to come home hopefully soon. The latest word from our agency is pretty much the same for us, different week. We are waiting for them to gather all the necessary documents and information for our file to submit to the courts for a court date. We are staying positive and looking forward to the day we see our first beautiful baby in person, although the pictures of her are what helps us through the days right now...

Onward - smj.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Such turmoil. Such agony. Such stress!! Yes, Chad is pretty wrought with emotion over what to do with his beloved Mustang. This is tough stuff.

NEW VOTING POLL QUESTION: Because of the challenge of trying to fit a car seat in the back of this thing, Chad would like help in deciding what vehicle he should consider replacing it with. (Oh the pain of the thought.) The choices are: (notice 'minivan' is not an option)

1. Ford Escape Hybrid

2. Toyota Prius

3. Nissan Altima

4. Nissan Murano

5. Jeep Wrangler 4-door

6. Used Saab from Craig's List (2003 or older)
7. Subaru Outback or variation

Click on comments at the end of this post. Enter your vote. Sign your name. Type in the letters you see for verification. Click on 'anonymous'. EASY!


Ok. On to other tidbits.

Finally. We heard from Jessica on Monday. She says that despite delays in the courts right now, they will continue to gather everything needed for our file and submit for our court date. That's what we need to get this ball rolling, a court date. She is great! She says - keep moving forward! Onward! So, please keep praying that delays can be resolved swiftly, for patience for us and all the waiting families, and that we may find peace in the waiting.

There's much to do!

smj out

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