Sunday, June 28, 2009


One of the readings in worship today was from Lamentations….Sheesh! Really? Lamentations? “It is good that one should wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord…It is good for one to sit alone in silence...” Now, while in adoption news we’re not exactly talking salvation (!), I think the concept of waiting quietly can still apply. We'll give it a try and call it therapeutic, reflective time.


We’re quietly waiting to hear about document 3 and our

Love to all,
smj out

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Peace, be still, Jesus said as the disciples were freaking out in the boat. This past weekend the preacher ;-) pointed out that it’s easy to get caught up the in drama of storms. And furthermore, the storms we think we experience in our lives are not the only storms we experience. Perhaps more perplexing are the storms we create inside of us. What is it about the human condition that allows us to let someone or something steal our joy?!? We have a choice when it comes to how life circumstances affect us. This adoption process we are in may create feelings inside that have us focusing on negatives, feeling upset, stressed out, detracting from what positives actually exist! WHY DO WE ALLOW THE NEGATIVE TO GET TO US SO??? How about focusing on the small things, really appreciating the beautiful small things that could so easily pass us by if we are not paying attention. Things like little doggies licking our faces. Like spring bulbs finally poking through the ground. Like text messages from ones we love. Like a photo of our little bundle in ET from someone we don’t even know. Like a beer on the patio in summer. Like a Sunday drive in the foothills.

I think we just have to remind ourselves to stop every so often and remember that even with storms all around us, and inside of us, there is so much beauty in life. Sooo much. What a shame it would be to miss so much.

I pray that we watch for the beauty, that we enjoy and appreciate the beauty, and that we don’t let the drama of the storms steal our joy. Now more than ever.

Love to all,

PS -- And by the way, while we are watching for those beautiful small things, we will take joy in the news we got today that document #2 has been retrieved! One more document and Jessica is hopeful that we can get in line by early next week to get a court date on the calendar before court closure in August.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Well, no movement this week. Agency's still hopeful, we're still hopeful...

I have been back in touch with Jessica recently, mostly because, at this point, we're getting scary close to court closure, and its so hard not to know the details of the journey at this time. My stomach goes into anxious knots when I think about all the details that have to come together still....

Staying in "hopeful" mode!
Will report in again next week!
Love ya all so much!
smj out

Friday, June 12, 2009


Well…still waiting on documents to be retrieved, agency’s still hopeful, we’re still hopeful…another week gone by in adoption-land.

Next week is a new week - - we continue to believe something great could happen - - the odds should be in our favor, right?!?

Hmmmm…difficult to guess about the odds. We’ll just try to be patient and pass the time productively! So… about new polling questions? Come on, give us some insight on:

*** KOKO vs. GUIDO ***

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


A new picture and update is always pleasant to see in the ol' inbox.

Although I don't always get the little ditties put on the blog, this one.......well, this one seemed like something to share at this point in time.

“Her bright eyes really let her personality shine through! She scooted around the entire room on her bottom to check out what all the bigger kids were doing. She is so curious! And she wasn’t scared to try and steal a toy or two. If she isn’t satisfied with what you are doing… you will know it. You will hear a strong yell, immediately followed by a devious grin. Our playtime ended with high fives for everyone! We had so much fun together.”

Love to all,

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