Sunday, June 8, 2008


So this weekend, dad and Billie were in town and we had a ball hitting the garage sale circuit. Smokin' good deals.

We got this perfectly cheap rocking chair that fits perfectly in our nursery:

And this oh so cute bathing suit and cover up:

And this funky giraffe wine bottle holder for a buck: (I know, not a necessity, but we like it!)

And this totally cute fluffy bunny for a quarter: (I washed it, don't worry. I can't resist most fluffy adorable stuffed animals.)

And although not a garage sale purchase, we found the right diaper bag that Chad or I can haul around, without frills or pink, etc.!

It felt good to get some great deals while preparing for Koko to come home hopefully soon. The latest word from our agency is pretty much the same for us, different week. We are waiting for them to gather all the necessary documents and information for our file to submit to the courts for a court date. We are staying positive and looking forward to the day we see our first beautiful baby in person, although the pictures of her are what helps us through the days right now...

Onward - smj.


graceling said...

Great finds! Love the rocking chair and bathing suit/cover up!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your stuff that you bought is super cute...and her room too :)

J & A said...

To many fun things...wish I could find some good buys around here!!!!

Eric & Tara said...

It is so fun to read your blog- and to now know your sweet girl! It is so fun to picture her face as you talk about her, she is a precious precious girl!!!
How fun will it be when she is in that super cute nursery??

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