Friday, June 13, 2008


“Cute! Cute! Cute! And her personality is a perfect match! She is constantly smiling and warming up her vocal chords with “Eeey, Eeey” sounds! And in between all the talking is laughing! She is very playful and outgoing and overall, an extremely happy baby! She has started making a small fist with her pointer fingers sticking out! I imagine she is pointing to me, to tell the world who her favorite person is! Did I mention cute?” –Joanna J

Weight- 11.02 pounds

We got this update from Joanna in country today, and a new picture, too. Oh, thank you Joanna!

Thank you "family", all of you, our big wonderful family from Nebraska, South Dakota, Colorado, Washington and everywhere in between! I'm so sorry that each time you all lovingly ask "any news?", that I don't have anything for's tough. I heard someone say last week that they have already started to form a bond with their little one from ET, only just through the pictures they have. It's true. An interesting phenomenon, but true. The bond is already being formed, it's hard to describe to people.

So, soon...hopefully soon, we will have news about a court date...

Thank you for your love, support, and question asking! Keep it up. One of these days we will have something BIG to say...
"You are our sunshine, our only sunshine, you make us happy when skies are gray. You never know dear, how much we love you, so please don't take our sunshine away!"

Keeping the hope and faith,



H. said...

What a wonderful gift from Joanna!

All I can say is... anyone named Koko is bound be cute, cute, cute!!!

all the best!

graceling said...

The support of my family- both my "real life" and blog family- has been invaluable during this process.

Hope you hear good news soon!

msl said...

Don't you LOVE the updates?! Joanna has become one of my all time favorite people (we got on update on our little angle too!). I can't wait until you can officially post a pic of little Ms. Koko!
What did you guys decide about the car? Just curious.

Christina said...

Hello! I am also adopting through Gladney and I am on the exact same schedule as you (I received my referral on the same date and my little one is almost the same age as yours)! So I TOTALLY understand everything you've said here. Hang in there and fingers crossed for a court date SOON!! Christina (aka "CS Family" on the FBI)

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