Thursday, May 29, 2008


This just in from Joanna in country:

“She is a charmer! She is very responsive and her expressions are easy to read! She uses her entire body to express her emotions, her face not excluded! She is observant, happy and over all healthy! She has a perfectly ‘rub-able’ head and prefers not to be tickled! She is also trying to roll over, all the time!”

Weight- 10.36 pounds

Thank you Joanna! We got another pic of her today, too! Sweet, sweet, sweet baby!

Now on to our educational moment...there seems to be some confusion over how court works. (adoption blog community excluded) WE WILL NOT BE IN ETHIOPIA FOR THE COURT DATE. We wait until AFTER the court date is completed and successful, AND THEN make arrangements to travel to get our bundle of beautifulness. So often, the court date is unsuccessful the first time around and it becomes delayed, rescheduled, etc. for miscellaneous reasons.

But...first things first. We need a court date to look forward to. Word is that they are working on preparing our file for submission for a court date. It's a process, folks. Hang with us.

We are so desperately anxious to GET THERE! But it is sooooo out of our control, so we will keep working, praying, and looking at those beautiful pictures we get and, of course, pray for patience...

May there be peace in the waiting, for everyone.

smj out


graceling said...

Awww. She sounds sweet:)

Waiting for a court date must be hard. Hopefully your file will be ready soon!

B said...

She is so beautiful. In her eyes you can truly see the future! What must seem like a lifetime of waiting will soon be a distant memory, and she'll be in your arms...she already fills your...and our...hearts! Stay strong...she's only a heartbeat away. Love...Dad and Billie

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