Friday, June 20, 2008


It's something...

We heard that baby's birthmother is scheduled for a relinquishment meeting in her hometown (not Addis) on June 30. If this occurs as scheduled, this means she will not need to be present at our scheduled court date - whenever that may be.

Jessica says Belay (in-country rep) is waiting on one more document for the files before he can submit them for a court date. It is unknown how much longer it may take to get ahold of this document (needed from an official office in the birth mother's hometown).

It's news. It's something.

We love you. ***REMEMBER: One of these days we will have something really BIG and GREAT to share with you. We don't know when...but please stay with us.

Keep dreaming of beautiful things to come....

smj out.


J, A & T said...

That is so great that things are progressing....oh how I hope it is soon!!!

Heather said...

That is wonderful! Any movement forward is fantastic news!!!!

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