Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Power on. Check.
People present. Check.
Come back Tuesday. Alrighty then.

So, we're back to the "TUES-DAY" cheer.

Got an update on Koko today:
"Yesterday, when I came by to visit she was outside with her roommates sunbathing. She seems to enjoy her time outside, and may grow up to be a lover of the outdoors. Today when I stopped by she was taking a nap. Her caregivers tell me she is doing great, and is very playful.” --Emily

And then there's Guido. He's having a little poo problem. Ate something in the back yard (he eats EVERYTHING HE SEES) that likely gave him a poo really delightful. I've been laundering blankets for the last couple days from his crate time that he couldn't help soiling, poor little dude. He went to the vet today, got doggy antibiotics and a shot in the rump. He was pretty pathetic, whining and clawing at me and all. Now he's successfully down for a nap, the dreamy little guy. Doesn't this qualify as mommy practice time or something?!?

Any dog lovers out there have any tips on how we get him to STOP EATING EVERYTHING HE SEES OUTSIDE???!!!! Short of putting a muzzle on him when we go out to potty...which is not something that we want to do, what can we do? The minute we go out - he finds something to eat - you know, leaves, sticks, bark mulch, squirrel poo - EEEEEEEW, GROSS! Everything is tasty to him. And it's not like he's not eating his doggy food well. He'll just keep getting sick if he doesn't grow out of this nasty habit.

Oh well, he's keeping us occupied for sure.


smj out.


msl said...

You know you have me cheering TUES-DAY!!!
So great you got an update on Little Miss K today!
As for Guido I have no suggestions for you. We could never break our dogs from treating cat poop like it was caviar. (Yuck - just grossed myself out thinking about it!)

graceling said...

I've heard of people spraying the back yard with... something. I can't remember if it was vinegar or what. Something non-chemical. Did your vet have any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Bailey and Setta do the same exact thing, they eat everything they see, minus the poo i hope! HAHA Our neighbors gave us this sour apple spray to put where ever Bailey digs. We just put it on last night, hopefully it works! Hope next tuesday goes well. Love ya, Ashley

J, A and T said...

We are with you all the way.....Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!!!! All good thoughts!

LoveNotes4CocoPrincess said...

Tuesday it is...TUES-DAY, TUES-DAY,

Our dog ate rocks (yep, the ones we call stones) and snacked on mug-rocks for several years --- one day he simply, stopped. No, the stop-the-lickem-spray stuff didn't work for us, No, the Vet didn't help, and No, the dog-whisperer nor Uncle Maddy dog-guy with his own website had the answers...our dog just stopped eating them.

Anonymous said...

I wish you luck on Tuesday.We will be praying for you guys to have a successful court date.
We have two yorkies Lillie and Dudley. Lillie eats everything she sees or smells. Including her brothers poo on a occasion. Pretty gross I know. I don't know how to stop her either. She will eat until she throws up. Although she has never had an infection from this. I don't understand why she binges and purges. But she eats a normal amount of her dog food and she has a constant supply. She loves leftovers covered in Tabassco sauce. She is a weird little dog. But we love her. So good luck with Guido I know it is very frustrating at times living with weird Yorkie quirks that come with them. They are the best dogs with great personalities

Susan and Chad said...

Anonymous, we'd love to know who you are!
Susan and Chad

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