Sunday, March 22, 2009


Guido is a shiny little light in our house. A shiny, crazy, nutty little light. The joy he brings when we arrive home, greeted by his jumping and insane licking, his sweet playfulness, and yes, his perplexing need to eat ANYTHING but his own food, is all so priceless!

Feed the BEAST!

"I'm begging you, please, I DESPERATELY NEED your food, not mine."

"Please let me outside so I can eat more squirrel poo, oh please, please, please."


Spring is definitely springing around our house. The first crocus and daffies are up, and I am reminded that soon they will be gone, and the tulips will bloom as also the perennials begin again...a constant cycle, much as the cycle of our lives as we live through the seasons, not just the calendar seasons, but also the seasons of life - the ups, the downs, the in-betweens, the joys, the sadness, excitement and worry...

Oh, how we are glad it is spring. A favorite season, a time we live life in anticipation, in the hope that spring can bring when we may least expect it. We are so glad to see you, spring!



coffeemom said...

It's Tuesday...praying!!!! Love M

Addie and Paul The K family said...

TUESDAY!! TUESDAY!! Today has to be the day for you guys I just know it. We were the anonymous post yesterday. I am guilty of blog stalking. Also praying that you guys pass today it has been too long to not have Koko home with you guys. Your pictures of Guido are so funny. He acts just like my Lillie.

msl said...

TUES-DAY!! Hoping you get good news today!!!

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