Saturday, March 7, 2009


It was India Gourmet Club at our house last night - we take turns with 4 other couples in the group hosting different themed dinner parties and it was our turn last nite. I had help getting the Sari on correctly from Lori - Chad brought it back for me from the last India Immersion trip. It was a good time - we had Tandoori Chicken, Aloo Saag, Naan Bread, and lots of other yummy Indian dishes. Chad even found a belly dancer to entertain us! Thanks for a good time everyone! (Brad and Amy - your "Indian" costumes were a total hoot!)

We did get news Thursday afternoon from Jessica that hopefully things are back on track again for them to work toward getting ahold of document number 1. Maybe they'll have it in a couple weeks, then it will be on to document number 2, then number 3, then we will be ready for our file to be submitted to the courts in Addis for a new court date. Court date assignmet is looking more like June-ish...we shall see. We keep up very guarded hopes. Know that we will keep you updated every step of the way.

Finally, what would a blog post be without some cute new pictures of Guido - he makes us smile!
love u all,


J, A and T said...

Nice belly dancing Susan!!!! I had NO idea that you knew how to do that!!! :) :)

Susan and Chad said...

Good one! That would be a scary sight!

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