Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It's just a piece of paper.

So...I could look at this two ways --

1) It's just paper! Seriously, is there a reason for the torture of prolonging this process over a piece of paper!?!


2) It's just paper (or tree pulp as Grace put it) - paper can't possibly stand in the way of a future of happiness with Koko as part of our family. We will be strong and faithful.

And so, "come back Friday" is the latest directive to Gladney's in country staff. I'm specifically going to be praying for Document #1. "Dear document #1, please find your way into our file so that we can get on to Document #2, Document #3, and a court date in Addis, and a favorable ruling, and a reunion with Koko that will be the most amazing unforgettable moment in our lives."

"Fri-day. Fri-day. Fri-day."

The cheers are starting to quiet down slightly, but don't worry they're still there.

Love to you all,
smj out


Ellen said...

I read your post and admire your strength - your post gives me a lump in my throat - I know much of how long you have been waiting. It feels so unfair - but instead of stomping my feet I will join you in prayer. Know that one more person is lifting up their voice to God for paper #1 on Friday.


J, A and T said...

Hard to know what to say....other than we love you and we are so thankful for you. Can't wait to get our sweet girls home....sooner than later preferably!! :)
Many hugs!

coffeemom said...

I will be in adoration on Friday morning, and will be praying for this for you...and every day between adn beyond if needed. Hang in there!

Don and Judy said...
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Don and Judy said...

Praying hard for you and paper #1!

Anonymous said...

Our cheers will stay loud and strong for you! We will keep on keepin' on, prayin' and cheerin'! Koko is one lucky babe.

msl said...

Susan I'm cheering LOUD for doc #1

It's gonna happen!!

cornhusker said...

Susan - You have the best attitude! I will be praying for the document & your beautiful Koko.


Natalie Fournet said...

Cheering and praying with you today!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging. You are giving our family real strength because we too are on the Document #1, #2 & oh yes #3 paper trail. Long and hard but thank you because I don't feel alone. Praying for you!! Blessings, Leslie & Kevin McDermott

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