Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Helpful waiting tip: One way to pass the time is to remodel your basement.

What started a couple months ago as a nasty, stinky, disgusting, nasty, ugly, smelly, (did I mention nasty?) unfinished basement is seriously close to completion. Thank goodness!

This will be our movie watching spot, and Koko's most excellent play room. So, we're painting. This is what the basement looks like at this point - carpet will be installed Friday. Still need to finish the bathroom, too.

We were marveling at our paint job last night when I noticed a drop of water out of the corner of my eye....hmmmmm!?!??!!?!? Bad. This can light was dripping water from the ceiling. Bad.

Chad crawled into this scary hole in the closet wall that IS the crawl space to do some detective work. I'm not sure why it seems so scary, maybe I think something creepy will crawl out, not sure.

Any way, there was water coming from upstairs somewhere near our dishwasher. Bad. Our dishwasher was backed up, and after some detective work we decided that we caught the problem soon enough not to have to worry about it (hopefully). We're letting it dry out, it wasn't too soaked, thank goodness!

Still more painting to do - still waiting on that beautiful phone call from Jessica to tell us when our court date will be - No one knows for sure what will happen in the wild and crazy world of international adoption - stay tuned!

smj out


graceling said...

Wow. I consider taking the trash out a significant home improvement:)

Your basement looks good!

Jared and Amy said...

We got lots of water in our basement....yikes....looks like another major project!

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