Sunday, February 24, 2008

Time and Patience

Reading others' adoption blogs has become addictive. I find myself comparing our timeline against others, have them all saved in my favorites for ease of check in to see where they are in their processes, and have gotten so excited for all the others who are on this journey with us. With each referral post I read, I have found the purpose in reading all these other adoption stories - Stories just like ours - I have found the importance in walking along side others we don't even know on this journey. We are not alone! AMEN! It also reminds me that this season of Lent is a time of reflection, and self-examination. What better time to be "waiting", growing in character! I've listed links of other blogs to the right that we've been following, reading about their amazing stories, and getting more and more excited for our own story! Check them out! I urge you to stay on this journey with us, even with the famine of concrete news to share with you all - we need your prayers! Count down with us to Feb. 28, which marks one official month on the wait list! Small milestones, small baby steps, slow and steady wins the race!



Allie said...

Holy spirit, Surround and support Chad and Susan and their daughter you've chosen especially for them. Even now, go before them, the dirt roads to walk, the door they'll open, and the face they'll see. Thank you for your great and abundant love that inspires us and gives the hope and optimism to use what we have to share that love with others. May all their extended family rejoice in praise and thanksgiving for this wonderful gift. Praise Him!

Amen from Julie, Larry, Olivia & Allison Ash

B said...

On this journey of the heart, we wish you patience, trust, love and joy in the journey! Hold tight to that thin red thread of love that ties you together...and know that we eagerly await this tiny child who has already claimed a place in our hearts! We love you all....Dad & Billie

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