Friday, February 15, 2008

Communication from Natalie

Who the heck is Natalie? She is our fabulous caseworker with our agency who will be the beautiful voice on the other end of the phone letting us know we have a referral (3 to 5 months from now). She is also the one who has been working with us on our paperwork process and keeping us informed of important things we need to know about the process. Her call is the one we wait for now... (sorry everyone, but we're sure you understand!)

We asked her a few questions about being on the wait list and how that all works, and although it is pretty vague information (she can't be too specific), we thought we'd share it with you all, for your enjoyment:

"The time frames for referral wait times for families depend upon the children who are currently officially available for adoption and upon the amount of time that is required for our in-country staff to prepare a referral (completing medical tests, completing medical check ups, gathering biographical and social information, making sure that a child is officially available for adoption). There are other factors that can affect the time frames as well. For instance, if a child is abandoned, Ethiopia requires a 3 month period before a child can be referred to a family for adoption. The purpose of the 3 month period is to make sure that a biological family member does not return to claim custody of the child. Therefore, the time frames are different for each child depending on his/her specific situation. When a family is placed on Wait List, our in-country staff begin the process of identifying a child for whom the family would be a good match."

It's not much to go on, but we'll share whatever we know.

Other notes: We've started a new voting poll question - vote now!

Finally, as we wait for our first child, we are aware DAILY of how amazing this process really is. There isn't one day that goes by that we don't think about seeing our "baby K" for the first time. Pray for us that we keep our eyes on the important things as the days and weeks go by...

Heard this in a movie once... "Don't sweat the petty stuff, and don't pet the sweaty stuff!"

Peace in the waiting!

This is a video of an orphange in Ethiopia-LeToukoul.

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