Wednesday, February 20, 2008


You ask - we answer!

In reference to our trip to Ethiopia - We will have about 3 weeks notice prior to travelling, and we only have to make one trip. The process goes something like this: We receive a referral (about 3-5 months away), and then we wait for the court date to be set. Our agency says it could be set one or two months after we receive our referral. The court date happens, which is a SUPER IMPORTANT DAY, because we become the legal parents of our daughter. Then, once the court date is complete and it is official, we travel to Ethiopia about 3 weeks later.

Regarding donations for humanitarian aid items - if you are interested, post a comment and we will get in touch with you to coordinate this. We will accept whatever is donated up until we leave for Ethiopia. Bring it on!!!

Here's another video to help you visualize Addis Ababa, Ethiopia! Click the link to view on YouTube.

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