Sunday, August 31, 2008


In honor of this most wonderful time of year (Go Huskers), we proudly share with you all the latest update on our bundle of beautifulness.

“She is so pretty! Sometimes, I feel rude when I am holding her because I just sit and stare! I started watching my manners after I saw the beating she gave her toy football! She hit and kicked this football until I thought the stuffing would come out! Then she would bite it and yell at it and when it was all over; she was laughing! Come to think of it, she was wearing a smile the entire time! It was an intimidating show of aggression! No more stares! She can roll over (one way) and 'razz' (make a wet razzing sound).” --Travis

Weight- 14.11 pounds
Her fast breathing has subsided and the Conjunctivitis has cleared.
She continues with cream for her Atopic Eczema.

It's hard to believe that in a few short days she will be 6 months old. The pictures we have recently received are evidence of her growing so fast...our future daughter is truly a sweet little girl.


But....ok....for now, we watch football! Bring it on!



{B} said...

Anxious to see the new pics... She sounds so sweet....and your Dad says....GO OU! (As we speak, he's placing a 26 foot flag pole in the front yard with a 6 foot OU flag ready to fly proudly!) Should have the neighbors talking by morning! Love you both....Dad and Billie

Anonymous said...

Cant wait to see the new pictures! I will be checking my email everyday :) Love ya, Ashley

J, A and T said...

Have you heard the news.....we are getting cable. Sports 24/7 here we come!!! :)

Juli said...

Follow your blog via a friend. I can SEE your little one beating up that football ... how fun - GO HUSKERS! I loved the stadium picture, maybe someday you can take your little one there and show her the sea of red!

Anonymous said...

Our friend, Michelle, sent us the link to your blog. We adopted our daughter from Russia 5 years ago. The wait is very tough. The time you will have together is precious and priceless, and that's not very far away. We pray for your safe journey and that your family will be complete very soon!

Jodi in WI

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