Thursday, September 18, 2008


*** KOKO UPDATE! ***

"This girl is ready to move! She is flopping and grunting and with good speed, too! The desire to sit still and look pretty has passed! She is obviously still gorgeous, head to toe; and I mean toe! I almost sent a picture of her toes; they are perfect! She can almost sit without support." -- Travis

Weight - 14.52 lbs.

She is still being treated for Atopic Eczema and is also being treated for an upper respiratory infection.

So then, we are now counting down a second time. We are just under 4 weeks to court date re-play, October 15. The good news is that there is lots of life going on! We are blessed with work and meetings, and Sunday School, and so many other events happening during this busy 'almost fall' time of year. You all know how it goes...! Life is ON THE MOVE!


Lori S said...

Koko sounds like a doll! Yaay for time flying by and court date less than a month away!

J, A and T said...

Gotta love the updates and photos!

Kimberly Baggett said...

she IS a doll and i have pictures to prove it!! we are just getting home since we were stranded in ethiopia, then dubai and then new york all because of hurricane IKE!! we have been staying with my parents (who had power) since we were without electricity (and internet)until yesterday!! i have some great pictures that i will be sending to you tonight! i also have video of her but we used our new video camera that captures video in HD and i am not sure how to send it to you...i am trying to figure it out so i can send all the wonderful videos we took of all the babies!!! she is more beautiful in person, trust me! blessings!

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