Friday, August 1, 2008


Although 26 months was the early leader, 22 pulled ahead - YES! An elephant gestates a crazy long 22 months before FINALLY being born!

Hey! We received a new photo and update from Jessica and Joanna today. Even though we can't show the photo here, trust me when I say, it's the best one yet! She has a beautiful smile! What is apparent is that she is changing, growing fast.

Enjoy the update:

“She is laughing! And a lot of other things, too! Up to the end of the 4th month on her developmental chart she lacks only these things: roll over (one way), say ah-goo or other vowel-consonant combo, razz (make a wet razzing sound), sit without support and object if you take a toy away! She strained to do more; arms and legs moving every which way! The desire is definitely there! She is also developing a little attitude! She does not know what she wants but is not afraid to ask anyway! ‘Play with me!’ ’Hold me!’ ‘Do something, don’t just stand there!’ With cheeks like hers, I will keep trying!” --Joanna
Weight- 12.57 pounds
She is being treated for Atopic Eczema with cream.

Court date in T-minus 4 days and counting - August 5.
Fingers crossed, hoping, praying.



Anonymous said...

Tomorrow's the day!! Hope it goes well!! :) Love you guys, Ashley

ColoradoWolf said...

Prayers for great news tomorrow from the mountains of north georgia.

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