Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Process update...

We watched our Ethiopia specific training video, and passed the test - that part's done. One more class in a couple weeks and we'll be done with all of the training.

We made it to the police station today to get our fingerprints re-done for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation clearances that we need to renew.

I also got our new doctor's examination forms in their envelopes to send off to our docs tomorrow for homestudy updating. Since we just had our physicals re-done in January, we don't have to go in again, just need to have them complete the appropriate forms for homestudy updates.

I'll also be sending our Colorado Child Abuse registry clearance form off tomorrow to have that updated and current as well.

In reading all the blogs out there, LOT's of people got referrals this week, after a period of not hearing much of anything, with the time frames still falling within the 3-5 month wait list time. Very exciting for them all! I love to read (and join in the excitement) of how others' got "the call". When you have time, check out some of their blogs listed in the "other blogs we follow" section to the right. We're in for an exciting, life-changing phone call sometime in the next several weeks! Wow.



m&r said...

Hi guys! I was tagged and told it brings good luck, so I'm passing it on and tagging you now (details at our blog)!

Farmboy and Buttercup said...

Hi! Your blog just got added to the Gladney blog list so I thought I would take a read.

Nice to "meet" you and hope your wait feels swift!


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