Sunday, March 30, 2008

The liquor store

So, I was in a local mom n' pop liquor store yesterday. No, we don't frequent those routinely, but we were looking for a couple good bottles of wine to sip....Anyway, as I was leaving, I was interested to see if my suspicions would be confirmed, so I asked the store owners where they were from (a husband and wife). I, of course, wasn't surprised when they told me - Ethiopia! So I told them we were adopting from Ethiopia and they told me all about how wonderful Ethiopia is. They told me about how Ethiopia has always been independent, and that it's history goes all the way back to the days of Jesus. They said the country has never been colonized, no slavery, and that the people there are very shy, but respectful of foreigners. The people are gentle and kind and I parted with them saying to me, "bless you". I was instantly drawn to them, hard to explain. So...I am now committed to start sharing with you great information about the land where our future daughter will come from.

We'll start with the map of where exactly Ethiopia is.

Bring on week ten!


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Amy said...

Hi! Just found your adoption blog... We have a son from Ethiopia, Silas T. Its fun to watch other's journey's to their Ethiopian children!!!

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