Thursday, April 16, 2009


We voted and the decision is in --

NO MORE of these crazy, past ridiculous, heart wrenching "mini" updates on all these documents they're trying to get ahold of. Dear Jessica called today to say it was a no go on getting the document today - will try next week...ONLY, we won't necessarily know the outcome since we've elected to have Jessica call us only when all documents are obtained and our file is ready to be submitted for a court date. I'm not sure what way is more torturous, but we'll see how this new plan goes.

We now brace everyone for a few more potential weeks of no news (based on the current speed of things).

Someone mentioned how balanced we sound. That was a generous statement! Maybe it sounds that way, but...TRUST ME, my emotions are greatly waxing and waning at this point.

Thank you for loving us through all of this...we love you, too.



Ryane said...

I don't blame you. What a roller coaster of emotions. Hoping and praying you'll be hearing good news from Jessica soon.


Ellen said...

I am so feels so unfair. Please know you will stay in my prayers.

J, A and T said...

Staying you guys!

msl said...

I'll keep praying you get good news from Jessica SOON!!!

LoveNotes4CocoPrincess said...

Praying and Praising for good news too!

J, A and T said...

Been thinking about you guys a lot. Many hugs!!!!

Renee said...

Thinking of you guys, I think you made a good choice in waiting until you hear good news.

Melissa Blaydes said...

I know how hard and unfair this all is.. I cannot imagine what you are going through! I do miss you terribly, and would love to see you! It is baseball season you know!
Thinking of you! Melissa

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