Wednesday, April 15, 2009


A Journey to Document #1…

3/13 – News from Jessica that we are finally scheduled for local court on 3/16 to get Document #1.

3/16 – power outage at the local courts, try again tomorrow.

3/17 – power still out, try again tomorrow.

3/18 – power back on, but come back Tuesday 3/24.

3/24 – come back Friday 3/27

3/27 – Document #1 obtained, hopeful to get Document #2 next Friday 4/3.

4/3 – We’re in Haiti and get word that Document #2 was not obtained and that they will try again the following week.

4/7 – Jessica calls to say that Document #1 needs to be redone and that they will have to go back to local court.

4/8 – They are told to come back Tuesday 4/14.

4/14 – Jessica calls to say they’re not sure if they got Document #1 because the phone lines were down.

4/15 – Jessica calls to say they didn’t get Document #1. They hope to get it tomorrow (4/16) but aren’t sure if it will happen.

We now resign ourselves to the fact that Document #1 may not be obtained this week or for another week, or more, as we’ve grown accustomed to...

We are frustrated. Please pray for us.

Smj out


Ryane said...

Ugh. How completely frustrating! We'll be praying for you guys (and for documents 1&2).


msl said...

Oh Susan how completely and utterly frustrating!! I'm so sorry to hear this news! Praying for Doc 1 to come through!!

Ellen said...

I am so sorry - I am praying for you guys and for that document.

Cindy said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear that :(
Sending good wishes.

Ladybugs appear said...

You are remarkable with how balanced you sound through this. I don't get it. I am sending good thoughts for these papers and for you and the little one.

coffeemom said...

UGh. It is so frustrating, and we are praying for you guys. Every day!

KSandman said...

NOOOOOOOOO! I am so sorry. We will continue the prayers.

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