Saturday, September 5, 2009


You know you have Koko Mimi on the brain when...

You're sitting in a meeting at the nursing home where you work and you hear the word 'continent' and instantly think - "Africa!" (as opposed to the more typical nursing home usage of the word!) Hmmmmm.....yes, it's time to go!

We're packing (trying to pack efficiently, but holy buckets, we're packing for a kid here!), we're remodeling (now? yes, crazy, I know), we're clearing out a space for J & A to sleep (they're stopping by before heading to Rome), we're giving Guido a little hair cut and bath before dropping him off at Kirsten's for our time away (he can't wait for his hair cut - ha!), we're pulling extra hours at work to 'get it all done before we leave' (right, we both work in 24-7-365 businesses - it's never really done!), we're watching for everyone's care packages to arrive to pack away to deliver to waiting families' kiddos (totally blessed to pay it forward), yes, we're dreaming of flying off into the sunset on Thursday...

We. Are. Almost. There.


smj out


Chris and Dawn said...

Can't wait to meet you guys in Addis! So excited your time has finally come.
~Dawn Hollomon

Tanya and Tony said...

Praying for your long-awaited trip. Happy packing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking our dreams with you. We will be praying for you. ONE MORE DAY!! Love & Blessings, Leslie McDermott

Sarah and Davis said...

So happy for you guys after all this time. Can't wait to "meet" her on your blog!


Anonymous said...

hey guys!
so excited for you and your sweet kiki!
we received our refferal on the 15th!
if you have any pictures of the infant room, will you please email me at

The Love's said...

UPDATE!! UPDATE!!! We can't wait to hear about Koko!

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