Saturday, October 25, 2008


~ The 'Amen!' of nature is always a flower. ~
- Oliver Wendall Holmes -

I think it is amazing that flowers are still blooming around our house...we've had several frosts and a hard freeze now. I'm sure this will be the last of the blooms, and so wanted to share the beauty with you.

The flowers are carrying us into yet another season. A season of change, and hopefully a season of new joys...25 days to court date re-re-play. Still dreaming of Koko...


J, A and T said...

Sooooo gorgeous. None of that here. :(

Jennifer said...

how beautiful! we said goodbye to our flowers last night since we had a hard freeze...maybe they will survive!
we are praying for you daily and having seen your wide eyed girl in person, simply can't wait for you do so!!! god's timing is perfect, just remember that!
also, i am not just a little jealous about your living in colorado. i keep telling jody it would be a great place to move!

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