Thursday, July 10, 2008


The loving is overwhelming and, well…

An amazing, wonderful young woman and friend sent this email today:

“I’m praying for you pc [pastor chad], and for you and susan’s continued patience and trust in god. I was reading my bible last nite and I was thinking of you when I was reading 1 peter. It was chapter 5 and verses 7-10 and it was about how he wants us to give up all our worries and anxiety because he loves us so much. And even though we are going to have to have this anxiety- like probably you and susan have for waiting on getting to have koko with you - god says even sometimes tough times in life will happen but the more important thing, and what he tells us to put our faith and trust in, is that no matter what, god loves us and will provide for us thru all things and in his time our anxiety and tough times will pass. I just liked these verses and thought of you when I read it. Since you are a pastor you already know about it but I still wanted to tell you.”

Thank you dear friend, and trust me, we are BOTH honored to hear this encouragement from you, even the pastor half of us.

We got a little something good via snail mail today. Recall a while back that we had to be re-fingerprinted for our CIS approval…we’ve been waiting patiently for our updated I-171H fingerprint renewal to arrive (we have to have this for travel), and IT CAME TODAY! YAY! Just a little more sunshine for the day. Next we need a court date. Someday….

….when it’s time.

Found this online – this is for us all!
Stay Tuned.

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Sam said...

Congrats on getting the paperwork. i feel your pain. any court date news? i am wait listed with gladney too

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